CAT6 Plenum Cable – 1000Ft Length | Copper-Clad Aluminum

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✔️ Tested up to 550 MHz

✔️ Copper-Clad Aluminum conductor.

✔️ Sheathing with fire-retardant plastic jacket FR-PVC

✔️ Easily identifiable, color-striped UTP pairs (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

✔️ Sequential markers for usage tracking.

✔️ Table-free Easy Pull Box packaging for easier installation.

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Luxurious solid platinum cable box for audiophiles
About Us

Looking for a Safe & Reliable Ethernet Cable? Look No Further!

Our CAT6 Plenum (CMP) Ethernet cable is designed for reliable indoor installations requiring cable installation in plenum areas. It features a solid copper-clad aluminum conductor with a high-precision Big Mouth Payout hole that ensures a problem-free pull by eliminating knots, kinks, tangles, and snags. Additionally, the cable is jacketed with a fire-retardant plenum-rated jacket made of Flame Retardant PVC, making it suitable for areas with airflow and preventing flame propagation in the event of a fire.

Cat6 plenum ethernet cable (Blue)

Connector Type: RJ45

Cable type: Ethernet

Compatible devices: Server, Router, Modem, Mounted Rack, Patch Panel, Laptop, PC

Brand: Invincible Cables

Specifications met: EIA, ANSI, TIA, ROHS

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 9.4 x 16.9 (cm)

Product Weight: 27 lbs. (12.25 kilograms approximately)

Model Number: CAT6-IC-Copper Clad Aluminum

Manufacturer: Invincible Cables

Cable Length: 1000 Feet (304 meters approximately)

Colour: Black, Blue, White

Why Choose Us

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Why Our Cables Lead the Pack

Invincible Cables is your ultimate solution for optimizing your network performance. Our CAT 6 cables are crafted with precision and adhere to stringent quality standards.

Certified Performance

Tested up to 550MHz, INVINCIBLE CABLES Cat6 plenum-rated Ethernet cable is designed for Gigabit Ethernet applications and performs at high data transfer rates. It also complies with building inspections and codes, ensuring safe and reliable installation. The cable also has a crosstalk suppression spline for clean signals and improved heat dissipation for PoE.

Industry's Most Accredited Cable

Trust the safety and reliability of INVINCIBLE CABLES Cat6 plenum-rated Ethernet cable for all your networking needs. A bulk cable manufacturer with all necessary performance and environmental accreditation manufactures this cable. It also complies with building inspections and codes, ensuring safe and reliable installation.

Built To Last

Don't settle for anything less. All of our data cables have been rigorously tested in strict adherence with a Fluke Cable Analyzer and comply with ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards, and are RoHS-3 compliant, Backed by FOREVER WARRANTY for your peace of mind and long-term investment

Easy Installation

Cat6 plenum-rated Ethernet cable comes in a tangle-free, easy pull box packaging, making installation easier. It also features easily identifiable color-striped 4-pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and sequential footage markings for usage tracking.
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Weight 27 lbs

Blue, Black, White